Monday, July 23, 2012

Current Trends

Hello again! Sorry it has been a while since I have written a post, I have been busy! But I promise that I will be keeping up on this whole blogging thing.......still getting used to it!Anway as you can tell in this post I'll be talking about some current trends, and how to and not to wear them!

Trend #1: The oversized sweater
   It is always necessary to have at least one oversized sweater in your closet, and if you do not have one you should go and get one otherwise you should be arrested! well maybe not arrested but at least fined by the fashion police! Wheres Joan Rivers when you need her?!?
   Anway the best way to wear an overized sweater in my opinion is with a pair of skinny jeans, I would say dark jeans are the best but the color of the jeans is up to you! Pair the sweater and jeans with either flats that make a statement, keds/toms/vans, or just a pair of boots! I would not recomend to wear an oversized sweater with a pair of baggy sweatpants, because then you may look like a huge bum and that is not what we want, maybe to sleep in but not to go outside in!

Trend #2: Pants and or shorts in a pattern or color
    I can see if you think this kind of trend can be scary but if you do it right you and anyone can pull off a cute pair of skinny print jeans or colored jeans! If paired with a basic top and a coctail ring this outfit will be complete!

So thats it for me today! I hope that you enjoyed this and if you would like to ask anything or ask my opinion on anything or for a tutorial on youtube just ask and ill gladly do it! Thank you for reading!


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