Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello Blog World!

So as my first blog post I thought it would be fair warning if this is an ehh post....I promise I'll get better with time! Anyway, this is my fashion blog it is for ordinary people who cannot afford the "high fashion" clothing and for those who are fashionably challenged...so lets begin..

So let me tell you about this person I encountered while at the store....she was a very full figured lady, and well she was walking around in some very tight skinny jeans and a tight crop top. Let me start off by saying WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE IN THE RIGHT MIND GO OUT IN PUBLIC LIKE THAT?!?! Even though that may be a question that is never fully figured out I have some tips for for that lady. 1) if your trying to be sexy thats not sexy that makes you look easy and well like you came off of the corner....sorry but its the truth 2) you dont have to show your skin or wear tight clothing to look "sexy"......instead you should wear some flare jeans so that they even out your body porportions and make you look slimmer, when skinny jeans only make size 2s look skinny...and second wear a shirt that comes in at you waist, do that so you can show off your curves and that will attract the men for longer than 5 min...

Trendy Tips: If you want to be trendy this summer, you should try to wear a pop of color! If you are wearing a neutral pant you may want to wear a pop of color as a shirt or maybe just a necklace! On the other hand you can do a plain top with a pair of colorful jeans! Either way is very in for the summer, however never pair two very bright colors together because let me tell you, you will look rediculous!

So as my first blog I dont think it was horrible but if you would like to tell me how to improve/ what you would like me to post please comment or email me and I will gladly meet your expectations! Much Love,

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